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Subject: come battle heree
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kila_mc 2.03.09 - 11:08am
come to this site and text battle if ur truly interested !!

http:// ultimawap. com / index. php *

danmc84 4.03.09 - 01:29pm
Join this site guys, its more active there than it is here *

epydemik 11.03.09 - 12:36am
Since today i cant login there. Wondering if anyone had the same prob? *

1london 2.10.09 - 11:19am
Scared to battle here, this battle ground is causin youlle to fear, bring that http near and stop braggin like its some millionare, lets get some pointers clear, u will never be an entrepeneur, u like a broken speer that will never be repaired in here......i suggest u niggggerz join us or leave us be best u leave us, *

epydemik 31.12.09 - 02:10pm
AdVise to london, leave rap alone we don't need u. Just remain as a fan aite. Saving u some embarrassment cuz these katz ain't scared to Whip ur head off!! But u can still improve tho. *

do4luv1 5.03.11 - 02:44pm
Hey guys im luking 4 sum rhymes *

epydemik 6.03.11 - 02:24am
rhymes for wat? *

poority 6.03.11 - 03:26am
Lol...ths is funny, london dude u wack, straight. I myself was at ultima, as emotive, kila_mc myt remember me, lol...he knws y. n who da heck comes lookin for rhymes...lol? *

epydemik 1.06.11 - 05:37pm
That dude who want rhymes can check some rapper's LP. I think alot of rhymes are there... *

phlamex 2.12.12 - 03:00pm
Evry rapa is my worker i foot ur bills mad skilz in me lik psychidelic pills make u euphoric respondin rhetoric dont answer its rhetorical lik local cops my vocals rocks im blade in case u vampires suck what da .i did nt talk jst slip my tongue about to pull urs from ur lungs i guide chronicles lik mongs got lyrikos for sung im best if u thnk otherwise send me a text then we draw the line gud bye *

rapkilla 18.09.14 - 01:41am
Hmmm.....I see. Few wappers are still on Pro hmmm *

rapkilla 18.09.14 - 01:41am
More wappers still on Pro hmmm *

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