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Subject: Danmc vs ......
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furian 27.08.09 - 05:04pm
Lol . . Aite . . Check it . . . Now furians a sceptic . . Like ya worst sore that just turned septic accept it that drops lame bro like sonic in slo mo wak azz hmo ! We found ourselves a case of inbreeding il leave ya bleeding with ya hairline receding recieving last rites fa believing u were my equal ur decieving... Wtf chump? Il rip off ya hands n u cn text with the stumps i dont compromise natural born killah i terrorise n tear out eyez so go away b4 this old man beats u with his staff but b4 u go kid heres my autograph . . . *

jasondtp 24.05.10 - 01:15am
ho yeah its jason back wid a brand new rap here 2 take da on a brand new track it wack bt i got 2 u rap in fact i got dat u wack im on track if i stack ever penny u've got it wil come back *

danmc84 15.08.10 - 07:25am
Lol the good old days *

weezycmb 24.10.10 - 09:34am
d*mn days of fire! *

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