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Subject: Danmc vs ......
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danmc84 27.11.08 - 11:58am
Anyone, this an open invitation, i'dd prefer weezycmb, epydemik or murkqury tho, check me... *

danmc84 27.11.08 - 12:02pm
This the ''APPRENTICE'' son ya FIRED, ya rap like a BICYCLE kid, ur flow is TOO TIRED (2 tyred)/ the sight of me, veterans CHOKE, i put ya head in tha CHROME, prolly be shootin tha ROCKETS, ITALY viewing a coffin like the death of a pope/ *

danmc84 27.11.08 - 12:06pm
Lets go, ya face gets abused with KNUCLES, put more metal across ya chest, than SEAT BELT BUCKLES/ this a war girl, salute ur GENERAL, send shots at ya core snitch, the troops so CRIMINAL, leave ya brain on the floor trick, its proof im SUBLIMINAL// *

danmc84 27.11.08 - 12:08pm
You couldnt be dope with WEED AND PIPES, grab ya legs and DRILL WIT SPIKES, ya coffin bed gets FILLED WIT ICE, as i raise u from the dead to KILL YA TWICE/ *

danmc84 27.11.08 - 12:10pm
Take a toke on my smoke, u turn whiter than JACK BLACK, a ghost in stealth, kid your RAPS ARE WHACK, they look like it wrote itself/// *

danmc84 28.11.08 - 07:34am
Anyone guna spit against me? *

murkqury 28.11.08 - 08:32am
Ey danmc84, dats sum fresh stuff... Ima drop sumting soon... *

murkqury 28.11.08 - 09:08am
Im a hard hitter, u a softy, ur raps do not hurt/ u probly thort i'd NO-SHOW lyk a cancelled// battlin me is suicide, ask buzzer to tel em/ u mus be ready to die lyk Biggy's album// n u sure aint gangsta, u a pansy man/ the only tym u got tools is wen u workin as a handy man// dan super weak, ima slaugther him/ coz i got more VERSUS than a tournament// i always deal with punks, im like ashton kutcher/ dan's career is at STEAK, lyk this kats a butcher// im a newbie, u a vet, bt u stil losing/ so if u aint ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, guess u mus be REAL STUPID// dan waz da best but he gon FALL lyk niagra/he rhyme soft, his rhymes cudnt get hard even if they took v*agra// and giv up now before i beat u senseless/ u got no hope wit rap, ur futures BLEEK lyk MEMPHIS//EASY! *

danmc84 28.11.08 - 12:00pm
Pretty good, pretty good, props 4 that. Round 2, check me... *

danmc84 28.11.08 - 12:04pm
Call me TARANTINO, i'dd KILL FOR BILLS, mr wesley nino, servin blood SPILLS AND CHILLS, im pairin eagles, hold this girl against his WILL FROZEN STILL/ what the , u on ya legs bro, i'll leave ya eyes danglin 4rm ur head lookin like egg yokes/...... *

danmc84 28.11.08 - 12:07pm
U hope i dont succeed in my mission, i'll leave u bleedin an , in the feeble position while im beatin ya ribs in/ an i'll bash ya nose in ya brain, leave ya BONE NAKED, like flashing HOES WHEN THEY CHANGE/up ur vocal tones like ya yappin.. *

danmc84 28.11.08 - 12:10pm
Low like ya age, the text frm ya phone, im cr*ppin loads on ya page/ you aint a beast, u got ur verse on sleep, he dont know his purpose, he's stupid, i come lurchin intrusive, guidin the heat, findin mr worthless, this dudes clueless/// *

weezycmb 28.11.08 - 09:52pm
K patience is a burden guess IM HEAVYWEIGHT/ a battle against danmc, can HARDLY WAIT/ DROP ma HOT lines on ths page like BURNING WEIGHTS/ get yall served lyk BURNING PLATES/ coz u cant beat this HERE (YEAR) like 2008/ u aint GREAT nyigga coz u AINT G/ u just RATE nyiggaz up AGAINST ME/ WEEZY, d*mnED MC/ i wil MURK GURY/ killed ya WIT THIS DEATH SENTENCES like JUDGES FURY/ or just JAILED WITHIN these TIGHT BARS, lenient JURY/ ADJOURNED!!! lol *

weezycmb 28.11.08 - 09:55pm
I got an invite ta this topic, like tha guest of MC/ checkd in wit ma verse like RSVP

epydemik 29.11.08 - 01:06am
To da battle i got invite spit tight, so i drop punch on Dan and murk QURY like Fist Fight/WEEZY? Ha he's LIGHT, so i rip the Dan right and choke QURY wit his mic/sick visions i envision before i make decisions/so i hit wit slick precision and leave these s in aup position/change this section and watch EPY kill em in six quick session/fk confession my knife talk so its end of discussion! *

epydemik 29.11.08 - 01:23am
Hold up this aint end of discussion, in DAN face my guns push on cuz he's softer than TEN CUSHION/wats up with these learning groupie dudes? challenging me when i put Heat to BEATS faster than a burning FROOTY LOOPS/i murk DAN, i murk WEEZY and even murkQURY TROOPS, i murk his sis so i look and told MURKQURY OOPS!!// *

epydemik 29.11.08 - 01:37am
This aint Pokemon so i dont need to catch em all this battle EPY WON so sit and watch em fall/wats wrong with these DIKS i guess PARIS ATE EM ALL, swearing they NOTORIOUS BIG but they just CHRISTOPHER SMALL/ *

epydemik 29.11.08 - 01:59am
I'm so ill even DAN got an allergic reaction to winning, Weezy gave MURKQURY props just seconds before the action and i kill him/Weezy got scared and snitch call the cop, but in da background they heard my rap/hangup and told da kid dont call em back!!/cat i own da department got cash stash in 16 upstairs apartment/i depart them i guess these emcees didnt know that DA EPYDEMIK RIP-APART-MEN// *

epydemik 29.11.08 - 02:39am
I like the way these Katz killing it daym. BRILLIANT SPITS FROM U 3. *

weezycmb 29.11.08 - 07:16am
Ohk then nyc one epy. . . Myt aswell add anada! *

weezycmb 29.11.08 - 07:24am
Ima add anada verse as if yall never HEARD OF ME/ ima PULL ONE OVER these rappers, they a (1/3) THIRD of ME/ i flip PUNCHES all they do is flip BIRDS at me/ r they PHA-RREL (for real) N.E.R.D/ nah they not/ throw CENTS (sense) at em like JACKPOTS/ CANT STOP this a FREEWAY (3way) Battle NO COPS/ like burning TANK TOPS u left EXPOSED/ all yall talk TRASH i must ave yall DISPOSED/ -- off/ its lyk TRAIN SMASH i will ave yall all WROTE off// *

weezycmb 29.11.08 - 07:34am
And pardon me it was murkgury and danmc/ ADD EPY to this EXPRESSION yall still dont ADD UP 2 ME/ YALL girls u not seriously gonna try MAN UP 2 ME/ Red or BLUE PILL u just cant STAND UP 2 ME/ i will av yall like d*mn this work like GAY MAXWELL/ i mean yall SMART DUMB yall DEAD BRAIN CELLS/ killin these cats ALMOST like s*x to me, i do it WELL/ and im sick, will have u RAMMED MC or JERKED MC or in EPPILEPTIC fit goin DOWN on me/ i KILLED DANMC , MURK GURY like EPYDEMIK they all went DOWN to me like fata Disease/ do it best/ im tha coz of death// EAZIEST!! LMFBAO *

murkqury 1.12.08 - 07:07am
Major props to all of ya'll. U guys brought da heat hey. *

murkqury 1.12.08 - 07:35am
This is strait up murda, it jus aint rappin/ my lines so crayy// my rhymebooks in a straitjacket// im skoolin epydemik, im like college man/ leave this lil fool shakin lyk that harlem dance// u dnt believe im hot? Ima get them skeptics/ n epidemics flows shaky, he should change his name to epileptic// danmc? Yo, that kid is the wackest/ u cant damage me, i put the sick in classic// im on a level u can neva reach/ even if u waz a SIMILE, u cud neva COMPARE to me// u beta giv up coz u not gonna cope/ u the guy in prison that aktualy loves droppin the soap// where buzzer at? The poor kid needs sum pointers/ coz i always BEAT THE BUZZER lyk a last second 3-pointer// buzzer u lame, i bet ur fathers ashamed// in this group i get more buzz around me than the first part of your name// enuf of him, now its tym 4 dan/ my rhymes pack more dynamite than Guy Fawkes had/ u a street magician? man, U aint a a showbiz person/ u jus a fronter, u a HOMELESS MERLIN!// a hopeless merchant, jus a hip hop gypsie/ this ho, i'll murder, get this bit** dropped quickly//easy... *

epydemik 2.12.08 - 01:52am
This kid Weezy like da DJ to rap he got no CLUE on ma turf, i wrap ma rap around Dan till he turns blue like SMURF/someone QUERY that JERK cuz last time i checked QURY got MURK, hit these punks till their skull slumps to the dirt/blood to the earth, ur sis intervene i put punch thru her skirt/i rip apart chest i guess i'm da reason they HEARTLESS/their lyrics lack PUNCH no wonder they H-ARMLESS *

epydemik 2.12.08 - 02:33am
I freestyle while his PRE WRITTEN i eat his raps now da girl scripts been BITTEN/how da kid gonna cope? I slip crack now ma spits so dope/am i a SCHIZO nope lyrics so tight u thought i was eating ROPE/I always A, E, O come before U like the 4 VOWELS, now ya'll getting on like i had POOR BOWELS/leave ur clique wet like drainage tunnels, so that even the paramedics requesting more towels *

epydemik 2.12.08 - 02:55am
I conquer PRO and rip these DIGITS then crush WEEZY, QURY and DAN, who theare these midgets?/Buzzer and Agri jt throw diss but except for DAN i aint got time for girl/s*cking WEEZY'S dik is the only time we hear that MURKQURY is sick/da kid claim he is schooling me and his scripts a classic! they say real recognize REAL but i cant see him like i borrowed STEVIE'S GLASSES// *

bazik16 2.12.08 - 06:00am
when i start rappin u fal bak lyk its a benni hinn session.non u reppin c*mon cowards get representin/bt am ill lyk i gt HIV mayb i dnt wana b tested/yes 2 ill thy soon go quarantin ths section.live ur face missin u b lukin lyk the mark afta a question/cz u b on ur kneez lyk u popin the question/its jst one man her u eint infestd kil til i remain the only tru man lyk wil smith ama legend.rappd lyk a present VOLTS live blak lyk the Presidnt. *

bazik16 2.12.08 - 06:03am
Am i nt getin a bato yet *

bazik16 2.12.08 - 06:36am
I gt 2 u lyk i was centrf4ward/u DIDNT ryt non u jst CENT A 4WARD/I dislyk fakes luv whorz got on pro MET-A-4/ *

bazik16 2.12.08 - 06:45am
I gt 2 u lyk i was centrf4ward/u DIDNT ryt non u jst CENT A 4WARD/I dislyk fakes luv whorz got on pro MET-A-FOE/i giv goals ACCEPT-A-BALL/am in it lyk dik in a /rip it lyk its NIP n Tuk/u spit it lyk spinin a coin jst flipin luck/u eint hustlin u jst CENT 2 get a 50 wen u get BUCK *

epydemik 2.12.08 - 01:45pm
Relax Bazik this aint the newbie section try spitting in the TRAINING GATE first aite. Work lil on ur flow and spelling. U not that bad though so try out training gate and u'll get some challenge there. Respect. *

furian 4.12.08 - 12:26pm
Gud readin yo . . Propz !! *

epydemik 7.12.08 - 02:38pm
Lets keep this post alive. Drop something cuz it seems the other katz fell out. @ Furian *

murkqury 8.12.08 - 12:30pm
Im back... Bin away 4 a wile. Keep this thread alive ya'll... *

weezycmb 9.12.08 - 04:48pm
Yea nyiggaz im guessin u waitin 4 me ta cme bak, . I av been outta cell range so pardon me from ma absence *

weezycmb 9.12.08 - 05:32pm
Cats always mention ma name Im always WITHIN enemy LINES/ they must be fkin insane cul ima SCHOOL em Dead like COLUMBINE/ the day i loose is like tha day afta 29/ FEBUARY it dnt EXIST/ ima b readin their EULOGIES if they PERSIST/ so call it QUITS/ coz wa i FLIPS is FLY ma lines do ACROBATICS/ all yall do is TRIP over MY yall just keep FALLIN BAK KIDS/ basik?/ nah kid/ u gotta CRAWL before you WALK kid and u already RUNNING ur mouth?/ tryna BRAWL with ur TALK we gonna end up RUNNING u OUT/ POINTING (ricky pointing) ur of tha PAGE/ u wil be lyk bad artists u booed of STAGE/ u only MATTER coz u jus taking up SPACE/ a THOROUGHBRED against at true ONE HORSE RACE!!! that simple. . . Im bak .LMFBAO *

epydemik 10.12.08 - 06:07pm
No race nor horse race no matter the beast ya'll getting crush like corn flakes/i was born great to erase all fakes i'm SUPERIOR like the GREAT LAKES/The Epydemik keep dropping em quick claiming they popping em clips! Someone hand em da MEDICINE KIT/cant believe his mom took 9months to be releasing this /do the MATHEMATICS, we need 3hearst and remember the CASKETS... *

epydemik 10.12.08 - 06:19pm
..we still gonna need 15 flowers each so dont forget the baskets/my spits DRASTIC melt ur skin like PLASTIC cuz all ya'll couldn't stretch to me like a million ELASTICS/follow my strategy i got KILLER TACTICS u'll never write ILLER scripts so dont try to ATTACK THIS/emcees read this and be like EPYDEMIK WROTE THIS, cuz my lyrics stay tighter than any ROPE TWIST/.. *

epydemik 10.12.08 - 06:25pm
..so tell WEEZY DAN and QURY they cant depict this open ur eyes and witness, cuz i dont care to be fair so show fear when i unleash these sickness//..lol *

epydemik 17.12.08 - 01:38pm

epydemik 12.04.09 - 08:50am

qazo 20.04.09 - 04:55pm
eyo fools, you cats AINT SICKER im too straight to be beaten by you GAY yall will never be fly, like FAT WITCHES ON BROOMS you WACK girlEZ GET BRUISED with MAD SCRIPTURES AND MOVES *

agryjtem 26.04.09 - 11:03pm
thats good epy, nice rhyming skillz yep yep...yo qazo wass the d*mn u bringin in rapd*mn girl....is that what yo mahduckingmomma tought ya ducking kid? girl ass!!!!! its AGRYJT.... .. . *

qazo 28.04.09 - 05:38pm
, i aint even BRINGIN DA BEST... Coz you Gs WILL START BREATHIN HARD, like a KICK TO YA CHEST... see dawg, IM THE BEST with freeSTYLES N TEXTS... When i give live to words, i put your LIFE TO REST... the SKILL I HAVE prove that im ILL LIKE THAT... WITH MY RAPS i can KILL THY ASS... even if all yall attack me i'll STILL FIGHT BACK... my MAJOR BARS will BREAK YA HEART like WILL-I-AM... coz im a heartbreaker, im a heartbreaker nah nah nah naaaah oooooh

qazo 28.04.09 - 05:41pm
Reply aaaaahz! *

qazo 10.05.09 - 05:47pm
Wow, looks like im the last man standing *

agryjtem 11.05.09 - 11:18am
I dont want to bttle wit yovngsters ,i mean walkstars yeeeeeeeeaaaah!!!... *

qazo 12.05.09 - 02:29pm
d*mn you are good, think *

furian 29.05.09 - 12:56pm
Lol . . . This lame 1 dimentional is y i dont waste my time here anymore smh ! Wer the real cats at dayum ??? *

preeapic 9.08.09 - 12:40pm
Furian say welc*m 2 I, the apic man wit skil dat lay invisible wen viewd on naked eye,these wak expresorz b jackng of da mick nd making it cry...', wel it caled me help 2 attend u nd make yal swagg fry, u cn battle bt ma resavor metaphorz r uncompared or u cn try..., *

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