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Subject: Spit ya game .
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agryjtem 5.11.08 - 07:57pm
This aint about da battle, but yo flo and how u switch ya game...yeah ,spit raw, dnemesis,raw ting, buzzer, chocuzin, fizdee and many others not mentioned do yo thang... *

danmc84 5.11.08 - 08:34pm
Oi, why aint i mentioned? Lol *

buzzer 5.11.08 - 09:07pm
I'm so hood like Jeezy,so good like Weezy, bust it man just do yo thang on the beat, b real fo my , drop rhymes, stop dimes, give it all, get it all, make it in the mall, i ain't scared of y'all *

agryjtem 6.11.08 - 07:51am
I got one fo my hustlas, ten fo da gangstas, sixty-six shots fo da murderers and killas, i'm not here to wrangle or tic toc, i'm here to stic on ma loc, if hip hop wasn't ma rock, i would leave ma H bloc in a crac, tha game i play is unique, lik platinum, when im in da murk i fear no di*kens coz im a thug, an real thugs fear no body, yo its JT man!! *

buzzer 6.11.08 - 12:19pm
I pulled a one K trigga at 13, i ride a 44 rims wit my at 16, we grindin da block frm NY to Alabama, nice victory fo Kenya bout Obama, i aint nah lama, fresh-out even in drama, do ur thang man we hope u undastand... Haha it's masterboyz *

buzzer 6.11.08 - 12:28pm
Like Curtis i got a full loaded clip, i can also stretch a hit with Lil Flip, big strip, hard crip, b*mp this, thump wizz, hurt her, her, that's the hooker i prefer, i rather change her before she puts me into refer *

agryjtem 7.11.08 - 08:12pm
Rappin an flipin bucks in L.S.K is wat i do, shinnin' in da club homie is so cool, In da hood cal me a stella, But i ain't a peddla, i jus' hustle lik a hustla, I'm so hood lik a hoodstar, if ya a gee keep it rock 'n' crunk, don't ruin da game befo i run these streets, My flo's pellucid, crack em fiends in pell-mell, Tha game i play's so unique than platinum, I kill em killas wit a magnum, I hate wen u get in my way, i react vigorously than sodium, Im always in da state of equilibrium, If IT HATES U!! Yo its AGRY JT da PRO STELLAR...Yeeeeeaah.. *

buzzer 7.11.08 - 08:50pm
Mo money mo problem, Da boss used to say it,mo honey mo item, da cross on tha ay bay bay, i brawl like a real hustla, i ball like a beam gangsta, i fit tha sport i like, u betta wash ur mouth, i aint bout to ride a bike, just holla at da dirty south. *

raw_ting 8.11.08 - 06:57pm

buzzer 8.11.08 - 11:11pm
I can raw you off man lolz *

agryjtem 17.11.08 - 08:29am
Im strong lik a metal ball, Yo face is smashable, I move wen im ready to, Coz im legendary! Lik i was there during yo discovery, these hoe think they canwit me, no u cant u girlasses, My style hates em haters, I killed 285 ,55 whites wit my acid rap, I fear nobody coz im betta than anybody, Ya cant floss da way i toss da game lik ross, Take a doss than real loss !! agryJT.. *

m3tiqula 17.11.08 - 08:39am
Ths niga wak wats the nem again i thot i saw agly item *

agryjtem 17.11.08 - 09:04am
I woke up one mornin 6 4 4 tryna get da dirt cash in da streets, ridin 2 4s wit fked up girls in da rear , keep on hatin wen they see me, but i aint gona fear , makin money is wat i cant stop , money is on my mind , so i put my mind on my money , U tryn to cal me a punk, but wen u see me u start runnin yo mouth, lik a girl , got traped in da game becoz of my ices an dimes,that's trash, girls hauntin me lik di*kens in da dark places...yeah Jtee*zy fo shizzle my nizzle!! *

agryjtem 20.11.08 - 09:28pm
Im a real thug survived my own fate when you are abusive i'm exclusive i spit true things like i was among pac's clan i drop this flow it really sounds like him to i ain't a yank but i burst the heads of these punks my belly of rhymes like water in a tank when i hit the bank i leave haters' heads blank in rap GAME i beat you wit five ranks i see many admire the way i hundle the flow like a pro shining high like a crow so when you see me do it low don't flip or trip coz i ain't yo foe i keep it real everyday wit ma bro my dubs and chromes always stay clean like young dro's...yeah it's agryjtem!! *

agryjtem 12.04.09 - 09:12am
The real iz back... *

buzzer 20.04.09 - 08:33pm
Yeah! The realest 's back in this girl *

hrdcore0 2.05.09 - 07:06am
I'm da realist on dis btch leave deeze ngaz no exist. duck dat sht M.E. btch c*m equippd watch yo lip. 38 hang on hip swagg is so spectacular. kal dis nga dracular bit em nw dey bleedn boi. u cnt stop me I ben here an I ben there wat da fc u thnk I'm scared nevr dat please b aware, mk dem ngaz loose much hair. say wat da fc u want2 n dis sht ill nevr loose like a broom watch me sweep all dat fcn dust off u *

qazo 2.05.09 - 09:49am
Yo im the realest, aint FAKIN SHT... Beefin aint your style you better off with BACON STRIPS... when i start LACIN SPIT, you GAYS GET HIT... with flows like when a drunk TAKES A pi*s... I am TOO SICK, flier than CUPID... YOU KIDZ get BRUISED QUICK when the Q SPITS... a SICK VERSE WITH WORDS, i HIT JERKS with the MUSIC... my SPIT HURTS, like SKIN BURNS on you STUPID... -MINDED CATS, that be RHYMIN WACK... yall woundnt get cheese even if you BUY NIK-NAKS


agryjtem 4.05.09 - 09:40pm
Blat blat, thats da realest sht spittin' !! *

epydemik 7.05.09 - 03:49pm
This is absurb cuz if i aint da realest then i'm da fakest ya'll ever heard/who's ill? Epy so contagious even his shoe kill, emceez gonna get murk to d dirt&stay still but y would i destroy wat i help build/Qazo da best? Test Da Epydemik if u wanna die! Cuz all i see are weak 2syllable lullabie/gangsta? U da best at lie, so i aint tlkn fastfood when i say i left QAZO with his own CHEST-A-FRIE!/ *

hrdcore0 10.05.09 - 12:50am
Ima mthfucn gangsta aint no lie bou dat. btch ngas weak ngaz fall bk. yup epy said it we pt epydemik on nackas. lil btch bastads dey cnt GT AT US. dat nga carry small weight GAZO u a small tyme u aint great. ma name is HRDCORE bt n da hood dey kal me T. Hard head u cnt take nufn frm thee. I shw u crome thangs u cn c reflections boi. It aint a dam toy an watch her spit fluent noise. Oh peep ima chick if u DID NOT KNW an pt yo grl away; CUZ I WILL TAKE YO HOE. aint disrespect bt dats hw battle go. An yup I knw I'm strng n u low grade below. So BRNG IT ON yup dis is ma fcn life. Guess u price its jus aint rite *

epydemik 18.06.09 - 08:59pm
hrdcore0 tell em babes while i blaze em grades, and drop lyrics tighter than Iverson braids/ya'll acting manly with beers but the closest u been to tough is growing em beards/props? I'm receiving them wild, mess with Epy and ur whole family will get delivered and i aint talking bout concieving a child/i treat emcees like egg! I beat 12, i'm essential to ur health, call me Vitamin B12!!/i have his whole college shook! cuz EPY write tricks u only see in MAGIC BOOKS/Furian i see u boy holla at tha kid, i aint God but if a ngga test then i'm giving his b***h both of dat ngga rib!!// *

spitter 22.06.09 - 06:07pm
Ya'Ll better back off coz u aint got no game its the spitter so sick drop rhymes without any applique il leave u dead while i go psycho and bang ya head to the ground hahaha im sitting high up in my throne while ya'll would be chocking on a chicken bone u knw i cnt leave rap alone every time i start to rhyme my pistols go off its foreign coz i d ur girl lauren and u would just me 0n the phone come on so back it up! d*mn i cnt spit against lame brains wack they got me insane mayn *

knowwho 2.08.09 - 11:06am
..call 1.. newbie incoming i sPit in MetAph0rs cuz i aint met n0 bettER f0rce, am ur br0s nd yes of c0urse, when i dr0p ma 'ish mudafukaz PauSE, I carry d cr0sS while all u d0 is hype d buZz nd this aint n0 curSE but ur p0rti0n beez l0ss, like rick r0ss, i use d lim0.. u can take d bUs, stay unkept like an unfed nanny g0'n do d ch0res, i'll keep u gr0unded till u admit this dude is ur b0Ss....... Hey y'all, i'm just a newbie ! !

Sent on a phone using T9space.com *

knowwho 2.08.09 - 11:32am
..y0! Its the 7star GenEral wh0 repz 4d militarY/ m c0min 4ur FuNEral in ur wack CementaRY/ all haterz envy me nd y'all fakerz wannabe/ but u aint seen nufin yeT,wait till i make ur girlfriend ur X/ as d ryhme ambassed0r i c0me firST nd u c0me neXT/ b***hes aint happy so they settle 4 Less/ nd yeS,am d king of the zING with d belt in ma waist cuz i 0wn d rinG.. Understand dis, am d s**t nd u're d s**t packer, i urge u 2 quit b4 u end up in ma dagger/ gangstarz nd walkstaz are trynabe wannabeez but all i see are sum dumb skullz 4rm 0verseas, nd h0w it beez when i dr0p ma d0pe 'ish mudafukaz freeze../ i dr0pd ma s**t nd d t0ilet had a grudGE, letz hit the studi0 boy nd let the mic be d judGE, my lyrics stayz s0 p0isn0us y'all g0tta p0rge, this rhymes are full of directi0n.. aint n0 need to d0dge......@ u and u

Sent on a phone using T9space.com *

preeapic 9.08.09 - 12:25pm
Spining da rym like a rolecoster wit no stering wheel,am 2 sik on da mic pharmaciest cnt find ma heal pill,i enter ur mind ...boom ur mental n then i grap a catnap chil,lay on da imposible life state like a jeapaz creapaz who dnt kill,treatng al yal wak preditorz like my daily chicken meal, yal cn neva b fit enuf 2 ofa me beef cz yal stuck on KFC deal,sht..... *

agryjtem 12.05.10 - 08:58am

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