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buzzer 10.01.09 - 10:20am
U ain't lucky cuz u got dat ridiculous brain, i shine like diam's wit my fabolous chain, i had two bullets in my body datz a dangerous pain, blood split up on dat s*cka n i was flooded wit stains, u mite be dumb if u can't undastand, i'm a true gangsta n i got a tat bout it up on my hand, y'all always claim to be the hustler grand, but y'all aint got nuhn into ur rubberbands. *

laxx 11.01.09 - 06:17am
And then laxx suddenly pops in/i'm too way advanced,i'm done wit em-ems now its tera-metre slugs i deal in/been a long time coming,like a mummy in a coffin,set up my gatlin and u applaud when barz start clapping/this here be d intro/my overskills make em name me d rap ny*pho/ *

laxx 11.01.09 - 06:18am
Im new ea. How does ere Operate ? Lol. *

buzzer 12.01.09 - 08:18pm
My punchlines so strong, u dnt need a referee, i neva did it wrong, now i garantee,yo old gurl smoked weed a big bong, and she got so high dat she thot she was tatted wit a pack of bee *

epydemik 17.01.09 - 08:40pm
The Doctor is back! I know ya'll wouldn't survive without a dope of EPY huhhh yeahhh. Lol. Pass me that plug to the life chamber...wont be needing this cuz ya'll just got ur heart and soul back haa. Its about time eish! *

epydemik 17.01.09 - 09:04pm
Epy smoke now its time to hear Epy spoke or should i say speak/i take apart feet so step a part please! i'm da heartbeat but this GROUP is on freeze/take a look at my frees, em boys scared u can hear it in their knees/claiming they ILL but i inherit DISEASE, view my Chromosomes and u'll see DOPE in my GENES/call da cops cuz i got c*ke in ma Jeans/no need for shots i got BIGGER KILLERS in my team!! *

epydemik 17.01.09 - 09:52pm
I'm back but my thoughts are distort, its a fresh start so i'm ready to eat emcees for breakfast pass the pop tarts/i top charts so face that! U fools couldn't top the Tables even if ya'll were place mat?!/my RAP erase MAT but i still SPIT rAw, battles i foresee but like the law i'm still above ya'll/da MC wanna be sick! But DAN got slit, rip and EPY got rid of his lip/he's cr*p n pi*s...cont *

epydemik 17.01.09 - 10:23pm
...he's cr*p and pi*s so Epy got rid of his scripts/Wat about AgryJT? Da punk wit em Gangsta s!/i wonder who placed Snitch in CRIPZ, i'm a Beast here, ma lyrics put mark to this call it 666/this post got broke so i'm da refix, to WIN...my name is da Prefix/so Read this cuz any Battles i'm in, You'll always hear...Epydemik WIN/i'm serious like Judges in court/i came 1st 1st n 1st ya'l came 4th/ *

epydemik 17.01.09 - 11:23pm
I'm also LYRICAL MURDA heartbeat em punks talk tough but they all weak/so i kick em in the mouth let they taste DEFEAT/i've been on diet now i'm back to feast on emcees till i'm obese/i'm a beast and ya'll scared of this Disease, kids please! We hear fear thru ur teeth and we see it in ur knees/Lyrical Murda till U Die thats all u'll see, cuz Epydemik's ready to ride on all u wannabeez!// *

epydemik 18.01.09 - 02:40pm
I dont talk much thats just PITIFUL MURMUR, multiple combo to face its a CRITICAL MURDER/u talk too much, yet ur lyrics be lacked in punch/i eat u punks for breakfast like CAPTAIN CRUNCH/or maybe lunch, its Emphatic how u dope but we take u for a joke like The Brady Bunch!/its crazy punk u just a lazy junk, i recreate this to create diss to leave u BEHIND like spare tires in my Old Lady's trunk!!/ *

epydemik 18.01.09 - 03:41pm
Its far more than a physical challenge, We need more college to expand our mental knowledge/now our poems connect more solid, u can feel our pain so u can hear our cries/but all we get are more promises, that are all lies/not to mention corrupt cops takin innocent lives/now we have to wipe the tears from another mother eyes/crime rate rise but thats just a pinch of wat life in the slum compromise! *

epydemik 21.01.09 - 03:32pm
No introduction or conclusion, just lames against VETERANS causing confusion/EPY LOSING? How can i when i'm the one abusing face and breaking fakes!/punch to body now he's losing weight, he was a believer but now he starts losing faith/i murkd him the best way/and leave vultures to eat him da next day/Epy pop up in da club wit blood stain, got mad n murk the dj cuz he didnt made my play lol!! *

inductor 21.01.09 - 04:12pm
Battlin me is joinin the fatal play/i abuse words,and any kat who got 2 say/i leave souls 2 rest like funeral coverz/leave u wit less concepts like first time loverz/so im like a map,on this rap/always on top like a cap..../nw like sandwitchez and foil its a wrap *

buzzer 22.01.09 - 02:51pm
bouncin back so hot as i'm comin from hell, haterz bow down cuz da master's ringin the bell, aint nobody lookin at my gurl she a bombshell, u guys against me but u dnt even kno how much i rap well, i came back on tha stage not to leave it out, but to make it run like horse till u can't breath out... haha Masterboyz crippin it out //holla at me on RapAddicts group... It's MB emceez *

geepas1 23.01.09 - 08:16am
maybe nigaz is afraid coz ep keep spitin 100 bars, n in on nigaz, d*mn, this here is Geepas, n this i spit is the revenge of the rap nerds, pack no packs in my back pack,just machetes n crowbars, diss me i open ur skull,faster than motor G.P n im racing past the flag, maybe coz i got a chequered past, rumour is that they injected the womb i was in wit canabis extracts, wack M.C try to front on me, its a pound of flesh i extract,call me the merchant of venice,coz 400 yrs from now i will still be classic *

epydemik 24.01.09 - 10:08pm
Ages or years no matter the time, when i return i'm still weathering wit rhymes/collecting big BUCKS while ya'll sniffing for dimes, loaded wit big guns but they still gripping at nines/he aint a gangsta da punk keep lying, smith and wesson to face the chrome stay shine/ur skull get blown, search like Nemo but it never was found!/ *

geepas1 25.01.09 - 02:20pm
cruising altitude, rhymes come free i aint them dudes, 100 blunts im high, you r now rocking to mr.bad attitude, nigaz lookin at me from the side, coz wit my fire they dont wana be in the line, these girlez be acting shy, im that niga you wana wit but cant with, out of ur level, u cant with my bandwidth,i jump on the stage n make nigaz sea sick, feelin dizzy, Geepas1 is who it is, niga my name is a trademark-google it... *

dnemesis 25.01.09 - 03:31pm
Right click the b*tton ya get a sledge hammer thru yo fo'head/'n that's when yo' soldiers fall like you got hit by an AIDS spread/'n that's the last reading from yo' chapter ENUF SAID!// Call ma tongue two pound coz i release sick spit like a heavyweight/ must be coz ma mind bench presses 'n does 60 reps of crazy weights/ 'n i know that line got u shook ,now i'm just waiting for ya feminine ways// 'n while we on that note tell yo' boys to get the outta ma ways/ they just ova diapers so even when they on top they kissin' all ways//! HAHA! *

dnemesis 26.01.09 - 05:52pm
I aint jus' runnin' ma mouth i'm the lyrical missle shower/ 24/7 even when i'm dead i'm goin' repeat these hours/ speedin' off into the future i come back to see you still aint raw, simply put ya sour,YUK!// i aint even goin' continue. *

epydemik 27.01.09 - 04:16pm
Ma boy Dnem say em boyz SPIT aint RAW? They covered wit milk like ma baby mother bra!/i maybe start a brawl but when the smoke clear they all take a fall/da kids infected look at the sick spits he have been spittin/the slick scripts he had written and all his Illness went on forgotten/i aint fresh i'm rotten chew ur flesh in battle, so much venom u wish this snake had a rattle!// *

geepas1 27.01.09 - 05:38pm
...sending em to the slaughterhouse like a herd of cattle, them boyz is crazy, heard that they ride hard, no need for saddles, especialy that boy geepas, heard that his stage name be psycho, killin off mcs while letting off chuckles, they got A.Rs checkin out the wap industry on they smartphones, every time come thru that be tight yo... *

buzzer 29.01.09 - 02:50am
Y'all always talkin about me cuz I'm the best, cruise it or not you won't get a wound on ya chest, I'm lazyin around with my dudes in the nest, I pimp whenever i wanna do it even in a feast, I'm the beast, why ya bicthin lameass? I'ma rock it from east to west, praise the Lord for you're alive, otherwise i would run my fists over ya on live... haha masterboyz' the *

rapkilla 29.01.09 - 09:57pm
Thats garbage u really the i out pass average when i unleash ma spit/i hit these corny babies cuz they flow sweet like from ladies/its Rapkilla ma raps iller than 10 dogs wit crawny rabies/its d Presidential clique putting my rap credentials on street/droppin bombs where u reside and eat/so permanently ur residents shall die and weep/so say Hi when i speak u weak freak// *

epydemik 2.02.09 - 06:56pm
Da Epydemik who's best? Introduce ma self, nah u guess!/sniper flow let loose bullets thru chest, left u fools wet u trying to move vet/no question askin! Lyrical Murda soldier put the AXE in any Lyrical assassin/justem like missionary searching for my name in dictionary/but i take aim and have u lame picture Mary/now i got da cream so Epy living rich and Merry! next yr movie flicks wit Berry/ *

spitter 4.02.09 - 04:35pm
Oh snap im back breakin mceez in a sec coz lyrically im da best make mceez suffer at da hands of the best yes im fresh il read ya lines before u die and think d*mn u in my mind lyrically u blind u cnt flow wit my blows coz virtually im on deck stack words put u in a hea*se my verse is a curse murda all wit a flow of a metamorphial glow im spittin radiated snow *

buzzer 8.02.09 - 11:52am
i start sayin dat i run dis girl, i'ma keep runnin it till u guys get rich, but u can physically die tryin, i be glad to have ya fryin, sum dang az think they takin da rap legacies over, but they cant cherrish it as a lover, i do it hard n strongly as i been sippin a blunt, u have actually recognized me by the stunt, i'll dry u off like the weather in Argentina, luck is for losers and victory for the realest stunna *

epydemik 18.06.09 - 08:41pm
130 posts....I think i gotta come back here and see if i can lure these top katz back. We use to enjoy this here lol...Hmmm *

laxx 7.07.09 - 04:05pm
Watz up here ? Wats bubbling ? Whus running sumfin ? Or whus sumfin running ?-* *

epydemik 31.12.09 - 02:34pm
They resurrect the Epydemik now i'm back with sick flows, i kick foes with quick blows but Epyi dont hit hoes/my enemies i leave wit slit toes and have em falling and crawling! Enough talking i do like Busta and Break em neck!/didn't even break a sweat, so easy like a Domino effect now Epy got his respect/no need for gun just sick flow and Pun! Kill u in a Lyrical warfare u'll never see the sun!// *

inductor 6.01.10 - 03:51pm
! I thot this site is dead by nw....since its stil blazing wil drop sumthng but later.....keep it tyt not 4 me,but 4 hip hop! *

inductor 6.01.10 - 03:54pm
4got! Anyway happy new year every1! Yeeeeeepy! Its 2010! *

epydemik 13.07.10 - 09:46am
I'm furious u'll never spit with us, u can love the earth cuz u'll be biting dust/writing s*cks, so i freestyle while lighting duffs, so i be high when i'm fighting punks/say hi before i blast these tracks and delete these wacks, i'm too hot to handle pass the candle, let i release these wax and who theare u? U aint even speaking facts/Epydemik for President drop bomb in ur residence, ripping this post to thread and that aint no coincidence/u katz cant rap so i'm deleting em then, my raps are posessed thats why i'm so INTO THEM!!// *

epydemik 13.07.10 - 10:04am
I'm here to wreck Havoc, break bones and make emcees take cover/no chance to recover when Epy devour and leave emceez white like they got hit with 10 flour, my flow make punks cower, cuz ma lyrics are more shocking than planes in the twin tower/i know u wish u had this power, i spill this so call me Da Sick Plumber, and watch as i spit lyrics hotter than six summer// *

despotic 3.08.10 - 05:35pm
Ayo... That sht is like straight faced , seriously fking wack/ think ya hot? Ya got it twisted homie, like ya stuck in racks/ the only way ya blowin up is if ya relax ya throat and s*ck in tracks// *

rapkilla 24.09.10 - 05:02pm
hmm my turn..i see des is here huh. Wats up home boy! *

rapkilla 24.09.10 - 05:35pm
*s**t writers block* Being awhile since i spit so wats up bro? *

epydemik 24.09.10 - 05:37pm
Wait, hold up! I must be having s*x with my eyes cuz this is *Fuc.king unbelievable*/Despotic, s**t! I must be seeing double, or he's the fc.king Devil/i'm da sickest! More of a serial strapped with syphilis/i'm a fkING DISEASE! And i don't hate RnB but GO-NOW-RHIA//DES u r getting old, don't u see ur scripts are departing!!/nikka sound like a rap version of Ricky Martin!/u lil f*g who u calling wack? u better make a HOME RUN when u see this g bat/dude lay ur chick to rest, cuz the way we s*x, u better ask her for advice on how HOW TO fkK WITH DA BEST!!!/// *

epydemik 24.09.10 - 05:42pm
Lol...I hope ya'll got the GO-NOW-RHIA pun. Peace out b***hes rap2.GIF *

weezycmb 24.10.10 - 09:35am
glad to see some one holding the fort. Epy how bout one more session for old times sake *

epydemik 13.12.10 - 11:51pm
Yeah i'm up for anything bro!! *

epydemik 13.12.10 - 11:52pm
Yeah i'm up for anything bro!! *

storm.p1 18.03.12 - 01:13pm
Ths z so dope dude! *

rapkilla 18.09.14 - 01:25am
Hmmm...dead group. *

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