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epydemik 20.10.08 - 04:28pm
Its the new kid on the block aka Grim rapper aka Schizo Demik, so ill the devil condemn it! Yow this topic is open for the ILL-ites(elites) mc's. Stay ill! *

epydemik 20.10.08 - 04:47pm
Watch EPY turn this site golden rip emcees till their intestines open/i'm taking over this forum i dont need 4gun, cuz wen i spit atleast four run/MAT RAP cant rap and raw spits are all done/holla at DAN he's the only MC i see, real recognize real but u fakes cant see me/ *

epydemik 20.10.08 - 04:57pm
they'll be like who's this NEW KID causing this tension, drop their diss knowing lyrics will twist their wrist but they aint direct to me like they got the wrong EXTENSION /look in d magic mirror all u saw is my reflection cuz i'm a heavyweight like MIKE with the MIC while ya'll LIGHTER than Shady's complexion// *

danmc84 20.10.08 - 05:01pm
Mat rap spits next to me, but he aint affectin me, he needs a higher trajectory, or i'll rip her open and perform a hystorectomy/ this is 4 ill rappers only, have u felt it? Me an epy causin a rap epidemic// whats up epy? Props blud *

epydemik 20.10.08 - 05:16pm
u'll get lost in my path like u got wrong directions, u soft wishing u were strong like long erections/i welcome ya'll for an emcee feast ma flows hot so why these emcees freeze?/i came in peace like aliens except i cut emcees in piece like Damien/they fear me but i cant blame em, to test me they aint ABEL cuz i'll just knife and CAIN em/keep ur wakass trophies, i dnt need em i cuz catasTROPHIES/ *

epydemik 20.10.08 - 05:21pm
Didnt saw ur post Dan. Whats up thanks for the props. Nice drop as well, just felt like starting a RAP EPYDEMIK so i just came here to lend a hand lol. *

danmc84 20.10.08 - 05:40pm
As u can see blud, i got beef with mat-rap and proverb7, mat is whack, but he's too stupid to realize and proverb is away writing verses and only comes once a week, they are a pair of funny's i swear, lol *

epydemik 20.10.08 - 05:42pm
The sky is ur limit but i spit no gimmicks i got no limits/not signed to P. Miller i spit dope like i ate at the crack dealership/i got Mortal Kombat flow its so distinct but i'll stick to rhyming with KILLER INSTINCT!!/i got thoughts of grand larceny as an mc, now i steal deals like da kid in Grand Theft Auto 3/ *

epydemik 20.10.08 - 05:50pm
I see bro em katz a hoe but u cool though, cuz mat and proverb huff but they too weak to blow! I soon go offline though, be back in an hour or so! And to all em writers this is wat we call a FREE FLOW, although some of u need to pay though, I'm out lol *

epydemik 24.10.08 - 09:07pm
U winning me is EMINEM aint it evident ur chances are SLIM/u'll never be blazing even if u put torch to skin, i scorched u within crush ur head in cuz i'm BOLD like Newspaper HEADING/ma heart's STONE COLD guess i'm CONDEMNED/wannabe rappers show hate i dont let em SUFFOCATE i jus poke and CHOKE SLAM THEM/just hand them a whipping with da mic and used da cord to HANG THEM/Y they dont jus BANNED EM/ *

epydemik 24.10.08 - 09:18pm
I told u i'm so ill i'll get ur country banned like an ILL-LEGAL Contra-band// *

epydemik 25.10.08 - 09:48pm
They aint great they fake start beef yet they choke on the steak/candy rappers i eat em like sweet cake, attack me he'll never be lucky even if if he won a SWEEPSTAKE/his crew ainT a threat i wipe em out like God made a mistake/but for peace sake i didnt get his girl rape/i hit his bro but da kat escape, no handshake cuz da glock shot left d kat flat like landscape// *

epydemik 25.10.08 - 10:07pm
I'm so ill i infect these tracks my lyrics kill they inject anthrax/its plain to see that i blaze these tracks like an explosive train crash/U?! Ha thats plain trash i put FEAR IN THE AIR like plane crash/i'm just playing gosh, cant even mention the World Trade?/atleast BUSH made the world paid! Messed up our economy and use our troops like old slaves/no blud stain, new name for him Mr Growin Pain *

epydemik 25.10.08 - 10:29pm
Yep Mr. Growing Pain! Mr pain in the like severe GROIN PAIN/i hate politics money disappear like commercial magic tricks/voters hypocritical when political everyone look STICKY as if PARIS ATE EM ALL/well like Paris i really hate em all, politicians sell out faster than stores at the mall/they all in for the money out for the people, they dont care about us poor people/jus wise up@rise u *

epydemik 26.10.08 - 03:29pm
I gonna get a few NEMESIS in this, but i still throw hard blow and slit riffs in wrist/still slick with spits and dope rhymes in scripts/my weapons load with diss even the Great die yet weaklins insist/this Epydemik erase whack emceez swearing they ill but i'm the RAP DISEASE/its a new dawn but u still come short like a Premature New born/D sun is raising, its hot! But i'm fkn BLAZIN with rap!// *

epydemik 4.11.08 - 02:38pm
GUESS WHO'S BACK? All i see are a lot a new whacks, i'm still in the race i never left the tracks/beef? i'll kick back and watch em lames start this, then kill em all till they extinct like HIP-HOP ARTISTS/if ur lyrics was Diamond u still wouldn't be the hardest, sick lyrics i harness leave u with more spots than stings from the Hornets// *

epydemik 8.11.08 - 04:09am
I drop RAW SPITS who wanna BATTLE CHALLENGE this artists/like CHENEY i'll make ur heart skips when i depart scripts/ur face lift when i rage spit cuz my damage are drastic, i release venom mix with litres of acid/u just metres away from getting ur kick/critical punch from a distance like i pack TYSON GLOVES with Elastics/no last spit this aint TROY but i'm a clear cut like BRAD PITT// *

epydemik 8.11.08 - 03:07pm
No I dont know u and no i dont trust u, so follow the PYRAMIDS and Step/if u r the illest then i'm da viral infection that cause da SICKNESS/call me a cannibal by the way i chew up emceez and that PRIVATE EYE WITNESS/u gonna need 4 Tupac and 6 Jay Z to have a chance to beat me, i'm hungry someone show me da HEAVYWEIGHT so i can feast on a HEAVY EMCEE/....cont'd *

epydemik 8.11.08 - 03:35pm
i rip thru his flesh and let his kids them see, i told em he's ma black brother so they look at it as SIBLING RIVALRY/i am the freshest like i was born in AQUAFRESH TOOTHPASTE/these katz tried to rival me but they fell short like tripping over their Timberland BOOT LACE/ouch! Thats a hard knock! i put vibration thru ur soul like HARD ROCK/ *

epydemik 8.11.08 - 04:09pm
Its detriment the way i'm damaging beats and murdering instruments/who ya'll see rip it fresher here? I guess u wanna call me Epy da FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR/i'm so far ahead of da GAME even Jayceon Taylor had DREAMS to be my HIER/i'm standing at the top DANMC bring me a chair/i sip Root and Beer come here lets play TRUTH or DARE, i bet i can beat all em Katz u see right here!!/ *

epydemik 8.11.08 - 04:28pm
I am not the best i wish i was, so just pass around da weed like COLLIE BUDZ/i am the COOKER not the chef, i raise PRESSURE in the kitchen till there's nothing left/am i the best? Nah. I just rip it better than the rest/to sign for Da BATTLE CHALLENGE cross my mind, but i foresee BATTLES but i didnt saw any CHALLENGE in line/... *

epydemik 8.11.08 - 04:51pm
Its my prediction to winnin i had an addiction but without DAN around, all i saw was an EPYDEMIK VS RAW_TING showdown/dat kid got skills something u caddys lack/but i'll still give him a beaten like bad kids across their daddy's lap/ha dont LAUGH OUT LOUD cuz u wacks cant SPIT ILL, i got Fresh Skill yall jus COUGH out more/watch da Freshman whoop Mr Sophmore cuz i wont stop i let him Suffer more! *

epydemik 11.11.08 - 09:18am
I guess my raps possesses a relinquish taste here, cuz even DAN made questions about my place here, he want to challenge but i smell fear/i was cool wit him but he probably mad at the previous lyrics i spit here, when i asked if he wanna play TRUTH OR DARE/or maybe this cat saw dat i'm da real PROOF and got scared/this aint a diss track u hoe! I just spit this track to flow and kicK back on PRO! *

epydemik 11.11.08 - 09:37am
Now lil homie want to spark beef in da kitchen, so i reach for my knife to cut this girl in but like kids with untie laces da ngga just tripping/3shots to my chest da kid just wishing cuz i'll dis-harm him and pistol whip him/grip him and HAND him back slaps till his cheeks began stripping, he want BEEF but could only afford a CHICKEN look at the weak STUFFINS he be spitting// *

epydemik 13.11.08 - 07:17pm
I'm happy i picked her smiles rise when i see her picture/she threw me a curve like a baseball pitcher but her love is rich it makes me richer/she calm my nerves i'll never ever ditch her/she got that caribbean smile with a brazilian hipster/lips so sweet leave me like gazillion twisters! Yep i'm outta control/took da trophy i'm first outta da pole still sick i think i caught another cold./ *

epydemik 14.11.08 - 12:43pm
Even though ma heart's cold when i spit these hard beat she keep me going so i never skip a heart beat/i rip da daym street leaving punks flat...like concrete/to me its a fun feat cuz half these emcees are daym weak/cant spit ill even though they got 1 week/so i kicked em wit the feet but they acting oblique and refuse to accept defeat/its lil nd dikryders street, Dik stil stuk btwn his teeth *

epydemik 14.11.08 - 01:02pm
In da top 3 active emcees on this site i'm enrolled cuz i swa11ow virus and spit cold/but Dan his own name but thats aite no one gonna expose ya, atleast he gave da new katz a chance to get a lyrical exposure....lol/its minimal explosion no bombs involve lyrical erosion where wacks dissolve/now da raps resolve with good results and less insults/da kid got enrage someone check his pulse!/ *

epydemik 14.11.08 - 01:27pm
Da kid is Epy yep i am da kid, no kidding i just look a lil bigger with da NINE MILLIMETRE/TECH NINE caused nine million people to war, but it aint my fault that BULLETS brought u to a halt faster than handbrakes in ur car/ma soldiers fully equipped with SLR, ready to put holes thru Chest and Arm/the best stay calm but Fools Rush In and gets spray on, covered in RED and i aint talking CRAYONS// *

proverse 16.11.08 - 12:05pm
u saw a couple movies now u thot u had fun.
now u think u know enough to say u grab guns.
u aint even got the guts to pay me visits.
plus ur pistol aint got nothin but water in it.
so u squeeze and , self deceit, ure doin dirt.
think u can deceive me spittin a rookie verse.
i put u on a stretcher wen i giv u migrane.
and put u in check like my signature and my name. *

proverse 16.11.08 - 12:06pm
were r ma fellas??? d whol scenario's changed, real talk its hottr in here *

proverse 16.11.08 - 12:07pm
hit me up epy!, u real crazy, dude! *

buzzer 16.11.08 - 09:52pm
Ballaz recognize me a real banga, never try to play wit me cuz u a stranga, i dnt wear a bulletproof fo a fake slanga, run it rough man time's hard when u say u da realest

epydemik 17.11.08 - 08:13pm
So hot in herre no cr*p or wacks spit in here, illa flows with killa blows thats all we spit in here/..hold up before i rip a verse gotta holla at da kid PROVERSE/let i go first ill lyrics i disperse, i spit sick flows while some emcees still dying from THIRST/at me these emcees tempers buildin but i'm waiting for it to burst/cuz unlike DANMC i'm considered the worst so wak even my lyrics a curse/ *

epydemik 17.11.08 - 08:51pm
They say i'm a wack emcee! Ha, then i guess i'm the freshest wack emcee ya'll ever see/ma styles come free but these flows aint free/my skills are still in demand yet beef em lames wanting, me getting murk?! da kid living a dream like MARTIN/i freestyle on stage but his rhymes are only hot in Kindergarten, if he's da MING of rap then i'm Mr. Flash Gordon/excuse my manners to these rappers i pardon *

epydemik 17.11.08 - 09:01pm
...to these rappers i pardon but i drop bombs like the breast size of Dolly Parton// *

buzzer 18.11.08 - 12:18pm
50 cent marked me as the freshest mc, i aint like these s aimin at da first hoe i'ma c, i recognize wen a nug is a bug, i improvise when a slug walk up like a thug, i stack big faces, i smack all races, i break it down fo u wake mc's. *

epydemik 22.11.08 - 02:42pm
He spit gangsta rap so wats up with that, i'll leave that gangsta wrapped like he was TUPAC/guns wit bullets triggers i pull it and watch da gangsta LEAN BACK, i stay dope and i dont need crack/all lames i spray QUICK leave em on da concrete now AGRYJTEM's *it! Pop him in da d*mn teeth!/he's a weak girl WANNABE GANGSTA maybe!! he's a hard i guess his MOTHER had a CONSTIPATION BABY!!/..daym *

epydemik 23.11.08 - 04:05pm
And yes i still depart fakes *it DNEMESIS so hard i distort face/AGRYJTEM is too slow to keep up when i start race, even if he was a SERIAL KILLER i stil would crush him like CORN FLAKES/hard punch to his face bringin da gangsta to a HALT like CAR BRAKES/its EPY in ur skin like harsh rash/AGRY & Dnemesis against me?! Every1 know its a PLAIN BASH cuz im a knock em off TRACKS like TRAIN CRASH!!// *

05west05 23.11.08 - 05:28pm
Flowz a illa/u eat 2much cornflake n claim 2 be serial killa/while u a cerial killa/i stil got d dopest floz/the last mcee claimed 2 be doper than me died from an overdose/ *

epydemik 29.11.08 - 01:54am
I'm so ill even DAN got an allergic reaction to winning, Weezy gave MURKQURY props just seconds before my tracks kill him/Weezy snitch and call the cop, but in da background they heard my rap/hangup and told da kid dont call em back!!/cat i own da department got cash stash in 16 upstairs apartment/i depart them i guess these emcees didnt know that DA EPYDEMIK RIP-APART-MEN// *

epydemik 29.11.08 - 02:48pm
My mind messed up ma thoughts are crazy wonder if i was an accident baby, i may be wrong but wat if or just maybe/wat if i am right and the world is wrong, wat if rappers were here stealin lyrics to put in their song/wat if there is no heaven and hell, cuz our dead relatives didnt came back to tell/wat if SATAN didnt exist and wen we die we dont get banish/but like magicians we just vanish!/Spooky *

murkqury 1.12.08 - 08:30am
I thort i should join Da Epydemik, add anotha strain to the sikniss/ coz im fly til i die lyk a plane crash victim// epy, murk, dan n weezy stay dope otha rappaz staying mundane/ my flow leavin rappaz weak-end lyk sa ay and sunday// always a royal flush when i drop and they stay folding/ and i keep writing magic like im JK Rowling// i burn emcees, my flow is arson fellas/ my rhymes pack heat, got an a*senal lyk a*sen Wenger// i gotta be the best when i spit from jaws/ not even Newtons physics and laws can measure my lyrical force// ever since i joined kats been seeing that im slayin/ so now they gettin cold feet lyk barefoot ice skatin// i f*** wit boys from, africa, arabia n even boys from paris/ street soldiers wit more toys than Harrod's// if u wana take the top spot u got no choice but challenge/ takeover frm chicago-illanois to dallas// tokyo to perth, kill u lil boys, its tragic/ manilla to bangkok, how many boys i damaged/ bomb bays in bombay, droppin hot like curry/ all da way in UK droppin sorry sods in Surrey/easy *

epydemik 2.12.08 - 02:53am
I conquer PRO and rip these DIGITS then crush WEEZY, QURY and DAN, who theare these midgets?/Buzzer and Agri jt throw diss but except for DAN i aint got time for girl/s*cking WEEZY'S dik is the only time we hear that MURKQURY is sick/da kid claim he is schooling me and his scripts a classic! they say real recognize REAL but i cant see him like i borrowed STEVIE'S GLASSES// *

epydemik 5.12.08 - 08:01pm
Its been awhile since ya'll heard from da sickest? Unleash ma sickness andup all da witness/i'm in this, blaze da JOINT wit Dan Weez and qury in da business/i'll get em haters act clean up, kill em all if they plan to team up leave em dead wit their feet up/words out i dont need to be rate best! cuz I aint THE GREAT i'm da GREATEST!! lol *

agryjtem 6.12.08 - 07:46am
Oh u ... It takes 15 years to defeat the best / i rock this like a product from the west / when it comes to rappin i still come first / great don't put themselves in front like virgin's breast / you crazy always peevin me wit yo buggin noise / epy ya think ya the realest, i jus don't want to cost a battle that i know i'm gonna win / yeah , yo body is full of iniquities/ let me wash them away with my metaphors , i bless ya wit my punchlines / boy pray to god befor ya curse my lines/ this one right here gonna spread yo wings and fly away / ya've never been hot to me/ ya always fall cold to me / even when its hot girl!!/ good rappas aint liked by wack rappas/ i got many fk'd up MCs hatin on me from S ,W ,E and N homie / i'm a delayed world's best rappa / this aint a scratch my back i scratch yo back/it's switch yo game ,i switch mine..... ghyeeah , it's agryjt homie!! *

epydemik 6.12.08 - 02:54pm
Who's da wackiest emcee ya'll see? Gotta be AGRYJT! Thinkin he La like me so i put hits to da boy till he cry why me/i'm rated HIGHLY crush Heavyweights but Agry still a LIGHTIE/he lack Lines or Punch so how he gonna fight me/call ur HOMIES for help let i HIT ALL FOUR, cuz u aint AS or LIKE me sour METAPHOR/i spit and nope i wont eat HARDCOR3, but she'llu up AGAIN like an ENCORE!/ *

epydemik 6.12.08 - 03:12pm
Build a post and test the best so i can lay ur punk chest to rest/i'm ur professor i'll put ur head to desk, or let ur head fly LEFT since u so fascinated wit WEST/u wannabe Gangsta so this battle i brought my gun in, now ya'll tell me who darunning?/u a girl u only got props from FURIAN! I guess he's da only one who say u DA MAN//kid i dont battle here create a post let i rattle u there/ *

rapkilla 7.12.08 - 03:57pm
Its so EMPHATIC that we place so much EMPHASIS on wack lyricist who done nothing but trying to put an end to this/keep ur handshake cuz i'll twist ur wrist then ROLL OUT on ur crew like LUDACRIS/lyrics cant die it rest in ur chest deep to ur soul, boy wanna test but he's fraud to the bone but my heart stay cold like its made of GOLD/...cont'd *

rapkilla 7.12.08 - 03:59pm
...u not a rolling STONE u a fallen pebble/u'll never be this hot even if u start fkn with the DEVIL!! *

rapkilla 7.12.08 - 04:02pm
Holla atchya boy LYRICAL MURDA to the flesh! *

spit_raw 7.12.08 - 05:38pm
Gota hand it to ya.. Nice flows goin on there.. Respect homie! *

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