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Subject: Get in da chop shop
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jasondtp 15.01.08 - 10:50pm
chop shop 4 ya choped freestyle so come pop ya best *

jasondtp 17.01.08 - 02:45pm
hi im been searchn far an wide 4 a naga would do da job like mine who av da heart to send dem off to neuealand and still av time to blow ma brain again do a afraid man i'll on a plane man if u ever mention ma name man ma crew will witstand anythnk u got plan. *

hrdcore0 18.01.08 - 05:51am
dam wat da was dat/ thought yo lyrics could b sumthn bt sht its really cr*p/ see yes i battl rap/ an talk alot of smack/ an frm da way its goin 2 u im gone do jus dat/ u already n da land, da land of nowhere man/ an if i had a magic lamp i'd wish yo n there/ im jus dat demon dawg u r not up 2 par/ im so sorry see u later hit da road throw up dat thumb *

raw_ting 18.01.08 - 11:47am
I'm Like Your Worse Nightmare, It's Freddy Vs Jason/ My Lines Are Hectic So Don't Chase Em, Ya Fake Them N Waste Em// We'l Split Your Head In Two Like Joint Men/ Stab Ya In The Heart With A Ball Point Pen// Our Shots Are Gonna Drop Ya With Drops That'l Rock Ya Good And Proper// We The Fam We The Villains girl, But U Aint Killin // Ur Ready To Quit While Were Deadly N Sick, And Wiv One Single Verse We'l Make Ya Head Blow N Split/ Your Weak Dude Ha Ha Like A Paupers Without Food.. *

jasondtp 18.01.08 - 02:05pm
oh-no u nagaz r ready an u calln ya self Feddy/wel am JASONdTp and im ready strap up wit chainsaws, handguns and ma lil friends u in a battlefield now punks get ready to defend am comin at u wit lyrical bomb an handguns so gn on bn friend an c who die at de end..... *

hrdcore0 18.01.08 - 07:47pm
dude im 2 rude so who u talkn 2 fool/ i gets down how i gets down an do's wat it do/ hmm thnk about quick sec cuz u dnt want nun/ hrdcore c*m strait thur an leave u druggd up/ make u fold up like dat card game/ yup im stil da same mane/ cuttn nggaz up like chop-chop sushi he cnt do sht dis dude jus amuse me/ he dnt knw when he loosin so i keep laughn cruisn/ oh trust homie rye now im sittn here really doin dis/ sittn on da couch finishn put da blunt out/ an stil he aint understandn da point of lights out c*m a lil closer an i'l knock yo teef out/ ohio where i reside so c*m now/otherwise realize u need 2 bow down/ frown on ma face bt turnd 2 a smile/ anthr garbage coponet dat we jus kickd out... end of da beat so i dips out *

jasondtp 18.01.08 - 10:24pm
oh-yea dis is fun puttn punks down dat fun drugs i don't do dat i stay high on weed can u do u say u wat me to bow down r u a clown im ma BOSS didnt u here me say dat da way u spit is dat ya best sht when al im readn is BLAH BLAH BLAH quit wilk b da best sht dont get sick i would send u t6 da clinic oh sht ma time to get fit i'll b bk girled *

hrdcore0 19.01.08 - 10:01pm
look girl ngga get split wit dis ngga u gone strait get fixd dis is menace u aint hearing 2 double- O- 08 get wit it yes im so fitted an dis ngga trippn thnk dat wat he sayn 2 me is *ittn dawg gud riddens i spit gud sht u r a lame i bp pump bp once again and dats yo sin tryna spit dat sht when u knw really dat u cant blah blah blah is wat u say sht dats 2 da thngz he say bt i'll do dis everyday until finally dat day u will c*m 2 recognize dat u CAN NOT beat me *

jasondtp 19.01.08 - 11:55pm
oh u thnk i want to beat u im thnkin abt murder u im ma go on T.V to say ou ga ga do did u get dat through ya thick skull or i av to bring dat bk 2 u ok u spit sht u ain't fit plus u got sumthng in ya face i s it a di*k oh sht u a chick no a girl so u should get a di*k rite in da an make u stop talkn sht *

jasondtp 21.01.08 - 09:51pm
hi there to al freaks gays n straight im J n im here to stay i don't play wit pusc dat av to slay i do dis eueryday im da best don't stress coz dat da way *

hrdcore0 22.01.08 - 03:31pm
ngga i dont want di*k an yo di*k 2 girlez out here aint sht dats y day c*m ma way hrdcore plese stay cuz j act gay i knw bay bay bt its aite you'l b okay i'l battle dis girl ngga while we lay matafact on da phone u can kal him anyday an i will spit dat fire sht 2 him now wat u say now homie im raw i cnt b touchd u minnie mouse lil pusc gone get tough pay attention 2 more of deeze topics me n ma nggaz kill sht like rockets ya dig *

hrdcore0 22.01.08 - 03:41pm
im pacman girl so wat u sayn u lil dots dat i eat not hatn bt u aint got no ba11s his girl look n his draws an her eyes fall off is he a man or he a girl he thnk he spits bt skills dont exist i dnt like di*k bt i am gay i get more pusc den u do n oneday check ma page naw check da record im n da guisness book foe fcn dem heffas an i got sumthn foe u 2 j ma di*k n yo mouf now dis ngga got aids c ma di*ks chnge bt urs remaine so i d him n his he gave his own self aids he dug his grave i said im here 2 stay an dat it aint gone change so gone head hate *

spit_raw 22.01.08 - 07:47pm
Nice .. *

jasondtp 23.01.08 - 01:04am
im hot put girl lyk u on da street u lil girl u can even step in ma sheet neat i got girls up in ma sheet im in a truck wit guns wtf im in front ya house to spray dadont even duck i'll punish u n ya friends straight to da end *

hrdcore0 23.01.08 - 10:13am
thanks fam
Blah blah blah here we go again he claim dat he got friends wel all of dem are grly men i mean day jus like him sumtimes he may wear tights bt ima c*m thru so quick take out his fcn lites yo spitage jus aint rye an i bet u couldnt beat me n a 10 round fite evrybdy say 2 dis ngga gudnite peace gudbye u r drownin an look im fly *

hrdcore0 24.01.08 - 02:00pm
jason is a girl ngga/ how i knw dat dnt u c it/ yea nggaz u do feel it he thnk da he a killr bt he like da smallest river/ i dnt even knw da river bt i knw it makes no shiver/ not 2 me so please get bggr/ no please get bettr he kinda bittr cuz we tell him all da tyme he cr*p/ sht u cant rap an dats jus dat take yo anger out anthr way like crunk dance/ hear wat i said i aint goin nowhere/ tryna battle me ima make dat scared see i dnt care he pulln out hair/ i'l keep up da challnge til he's not here nomo den i'l calm wit da violence! silence *

jasondtp 26.01.08 - 11:54pm
jason is a ngga/fk girls wit rubba/nanme nan bgga/gat girls everyweek/but me nan s*ck hera/me a touch hera/me a kiss hera/me ahera/me nan go beat hera/c me im a boss/in frist class/u should knee as i pass/hrdcore u're an ass/i ride F4i wit ooOZzz/got 45 on da side to squeeze/y u sneeze/u fkn pusc/u want to battle me/u gay girl mother /i'll kill u where u stand *

hrdcore0 27.01.08 - 08:41pm
ha ha ha wat da fc was dat man sht sound an look like it was writtn by a kindegardnr imma show dis girl ngga how its dun *

hrdcore0 27.01.08 - 08:59pm
oh boi he said ima girl well dats aite i'll b dat sht he jus mad he cant fill ma sht ma shoes dat is his girl want dis it may b plastic bt she want it an ngga im drastic i gets on it muth*fuka i bag u bk i hit so hard i leave a smash i go dem yards day already knw i get standn ovations when i walk thru da door ngga is a hoe smkn premo's talkn bout let it go bt i said jason let it go wat da fc do yo name even stand foe i c*m n den i walk out he's a girl knw wat im talkn about he has no clout he n a drout an dat drout he aint nevr gone c*m out so watch yo mouf u talkn to a legend i c*m ma glock 9 sprays holes like a pellet dats nggaz a pesant please tell him 2 stop foe sumbdy kal nine-eleven an i mean dat hell or heven pick yo fate cuz im 4evr livn girl ngga cant get wat im givn *

heyjesus 27.01.08 - 11:28pm
oh yeah jasondtp it tyme take dese muth*fukas out *

hrdcore0 28.01.08 - 06:02am
dis group aint fo talkn do sumthn homie or get DA fc OUT *

heyjesus 30.01.08 - 12:28am
oh no it here goes again im a man of peace now im got at it again da father must av send me here 2 shine da light on u fool n who da heaven afraid of a lil old fool im a live by da rules i gotta gift by da rules its to destroy u fools im gonna mak a mess out u fools FATHER KNOWS IT FOOL!!! *

spit_raw 30.01.08 - 05:10am
Nah this aint Right/ This group doesnt stand For, Whack on this Site// Like expired Milk, your lines are Sour/ The only time when you drop a dope Line, Is when you high Yo// So let it be Known, I always smack whack emcees with Flow// Bhaw bhaw *

hrdcore0 30.01.08 - 02:19pm
dude wat da fc is u sayn/ dont u see rye now dat games aint playn/ ima show u how 2 spit oh sht maybe not u still wouldnt get it/ u an yo dude is da same/ yal write down words an thnk da sht is ok/ bt da fact still remains/ it seems like im n caged/ it dont matter if u thought u had it u wouldnt beat me/ y dat u cant c/ an jason dtp/ dude stop spittn you should keep yo j.o.b dem words aint shftn/ an y yo dude keep talkn bout jesus he already wit us bt battle he aint in it/ so take dat sumwhere else i promise u dat shelf yo moma gone have yo ashes an there she gonna wep *

hrdcore0 31.01.08 - 12:27pm
ngga i'll kill u jus like hitler/den reverse dat sht ngga an spit it much bggr/ leave u jus like jigga b patient i'l b bk/ harder den ma 2 fcn trggers dat spit stamps/ an wat dat is? ma name on yo head naw dat red dot he aint payn attentn man/ dats his calln i ball like jordan, kobe told me get da girl i said homie not wantd/ i will leave u slaughterd like we n a pork house/ bacon is great bt homie jus a small flake cuz he dat fake an i will make it dam rain/ fcn pusc's wont day fcn let me do ma thng mane *

jasondtp 31.01.08 - 09:54pm
haha watch dis puss spit her heart out i got more hits dan hitman more money dan beenieman n still hate dem ngga who try 2 do wat dey cant i bake cakes u r fake u need 2 hit da gate u fake ngga look at da sky dat me flying high no im high on da weed jason is da best no stress *

hrdcore0 1.02.08 - 11:02am
lol did u c dat? i dnt need 2 spit i'l talk it while i nap man dude u r sht u not it u wont get pickd so stop get a grip his lip shake a bit he jus like a girl.....u cant beat menace an yes dats ma name wats wrong u doint see it drop da rest of da letters an u wil find m.e. trick man i dnt even need no more i top all hisa bars im eatn galore *

jasondtp 1.02.08 - 09:32pm
Im crazy wit dis page n stapler/crazy wit rage to easer/like undataker in his grave/i'll take pusc to dere mothafuka grave/if any1 mention ma name/oh sht girl/Y u mention ma name/blah blah blah dats al u hear/its juz yap yap is al i read/muth*fuka u say u hrdcore/u're juz gaycore/ tryin 2 b da core of prodigits/but ya brain is unda stress/so taka rest coz im da best come test/let me put on ma vest n av a protest *

spit_raw 2.02.08 - 05:54pm
Im like a Disease, I Spread through your system like HIV/ Please , Save your Energy/ You aint worth it See, You Lame, You dissapoint more than USA/ I Got more Weapons, To put you to rest Amen// God-d*mn, You Whack, Get back, You ball Sack// Blatt.. *

jasondtp 6.02.08 - 02:54am
oh sht time spinning oh yeah ma money makin oh hell ma girls leavin n now dese w s tryin 2 stop da flow now yall musa saints 4rm heaven come 2 send me 2 hell but i did came 4rm hell ask billy n jill i came wid a ak 2 fkin kill yall cant win i'll smoke u like ganga down in Guyana where da real naggaz play al day where is dre ahh sht.... *

jasondtp 12.02.08 - 11:07pm
Ah gotta stop dis sht girl ngga ima never goin quit ima mak dis girl so hot she gonna pop on da spot shots busup ya head leave u dere wid ya brain pop out ya mama cryin out look papa lyin dere wid his knee shot out u mothafuka readin dis i av made ma hit list hrdcore u betta move quick or i'll mak ya s*ck a di*k n if cant get it ima say it lyk dis u cant stop me go turn on ya tv watch out dere is sum iv got ya hook up on iv oh ya brain dead next ya gon b dead leave u in a coma along wid ya papa *

phelz 17.02.08 - 10:38am
Its phelz back 2 pass de limit/i'll be with u in minute/so wait am in digit/ so jason, u dont know me boy dont tempt me/ am ever blazin dont u call me my man's B/ i'll leave u screaming on de floor dnt help me/ so dont test me/see my eyes blurt clot/ now who's better than i thought/u try 2 stop me nd am lyk wat tell me wat u want, jason wat u really want/ o yes tryin 2 be lyk a brother is not cool/y u try 2 take me 4 a fool/av seen u smoking *****/i recognize ur face so stop pointing ur tool at ME!!! *

jasondtp 18.02.08 - 10:35pm
il put ma tool on who ever i wantna step bk muth*fuka im abt to coz anotha trimma look 2 da sky dere goes dat ganga on da corna im not tryin 2 b u y dau think i want 2 b u i av game fame n ma name is so easy 2 remember girl u second best until i leave prodigits so stop it where is hrdcore hope she went n wet it oh no i av 2 get it da money so nuff i don't know how 2 spent it u guys so weak n i got it so 4get it muth*fuka im da BOSS dont u c it *

8ball_m 19.02.08 - 12:17am
Bak in da day tapes playin rave n sitin in my room imaginen im on stage picture all da peeps jumpin up go crazy,mad d.j mix'n it up bak in da day,fliers 2me like money dreamin of da day,i culd get da massive higha rinsin owt 2 early day. M.c'n lost its heart tho sounds all tidy n rehearsd, same ol m.c same ol sayin dnt even dare curse,standin wit bling nothin but a poser, dnt even giv shouts 2 young kids lik they way below ya. Ten year ago wen we got ya rockin in place yes,jump up crew respect 2 u eyes rolin gurnin face,jst a lil rhyme a poem 2 those tht do remeber,if u dnt u missd gud times dnt wnt it 2 be ova.... Shout 2 robbie dee,ranski true m.c's peace *

hrdcore0 19.02.08 - 09:36pm
dam, there dat ngga go again/ he can not win or will not even/ im so real its so bone chilln/ pusc ngga we see who finish/ an dat b menace bt hrdcore 2 yal/ dogg chain say it yup make girls fall/ dtp stands foe dnt talk punk he smell worser den dat ngga dats ben dead n ma trunk/ an dis ngga alive bt u would thnk dat im lyn/ he spits so bad da crowd start cryn, rely on me an imma get em up times 3/ an dats how it b an look all dis came frm lil ol me/ girl dis is t prodigits where i b/ an he cnt see me cuz da girl cnt see/ an i wont let em breathe cuz i take his breath, i take his fame/ i take his chain d*mn near anythang/ everywhere there i stand/ gun n ma hand expression is da same as da nex fcn man/ blam! *

8ball_m 20.02.08 - 01:55am
All im hearin in wat u refer 2 as rhymes is blah blah im hard blah blah im bad blah im tough blah..erm dnt u mean sad n yep yep i second tht not 2 far from mad, runin out of ideas if 2 begin wit u had,..any,only money u mak is wen u find a penny,but u so lame was u tht droped it so far of da mark u missd ur own god damm pockets,i can beat u at dis wit simple rhyme in 1st gear,ur already red lining n u 4got how 2 steer,u nd 2 relax bro dnt get so uptite lifes 2 short bud n uu wana fight!gangsta ths shoot dat put a cap in my giv up u ova playd it accept defeat show sum class,ur tryin 2 hard,its u u cant defeat,next ting ul chase ur shadow 4 treadin on ur big clusmy feet,deep breath dnt lose it take da bigga mans path,instead of yellin all red faced,bout ramin mic up my ass, giv me wedgy,wen will learn ur bout as gangsta as 1 handed chinese burn,rite thts it im done,dnt take ths as funny,wnt luk gangsta thn runin home 2 ur mummy, so instead of c*min bak chatin ur gona whack me n blow up my car,same old i hear gangsta n its blah blah blahdy blah..! *

jasondtp 20.02.08 - 12:45pm
ha ha hrdcore let me define pain its all in ya brain let me giv u it lyk eminem mak al ya friend apologize at da end dont get confuse it will happen in da end oh u think im finish i av jus only begin ma back in da wall now ima attack any1 who call playin wid dtp ima mak al u ball u muth*fuka tell u i b break dem law calln dis sht spit raw r u sick wid a coz dont say im crazy it jus da way spit RAW!!! *

spit_raw 23.02.08 - 03:59pm
This guy must be a NURSE cos he knows im Sick/ Stupid girl, Crack ur skull For thinkin you can Diss-Me//.. Only time when you eat, Is when you by canteen or Welfare// Dont come with your Bull- Here/ You cant beat me, COS IM BETTER THAN YA// ! *

hrdcore0 25.02.08 - 01:56am
spit jus tore u a new one/ got yo girl foe assmusing/ u already knew dat u was lossn/ like a dogg he need gud grooming/ he didnt knw so wat he doin/ im like a 808 dats boom booming *

spit_raw 28.02.08 - 09:50am
There you Go, JASON has no Show/ Now the crowd hates Him, From HEAD-TO-TOE/ He aint got anything Any-More/ Becos we obviously killed this girl For-Sure/ He probably hiding in is WOARD-DROAB/ Thinking his Safe OH-NO/ You never safe when the FAM is Around/ *

j_brotha 15.03.08 - 12:00am
u guys battle a lot, u diss and u curse/ but how bout just getting up and spitting a clean verse/ i dont own the site, but young bucks comin here should be reimbursed/ cos u spreading hate not love while u tryna get fame/ dawg i think i seen enough from fifty and game/ believe me i'm not a hippie but the situation is tricky cuz when i say i dont battle u cats think i'm a sissy/ believe me i'm in a war but my battle is not the norm/ i fight cats who in the spirit have a hideous form/ i know this sounds greek..i'm not tryna be deep..but u should know you're not gay if u wanna be meek/ hip hop is vessel, it can set cats free/ like it can convey a sweet message that can set cats free/ i know u watch mtv and u see cats floss/ but most of em dont have peace and their souls are lost/ so dont envy jay_z who's cheddar is crazy, he's havin a lady, but he might be depressed i'm just saying maybe/ thanks a lot for listening i'm out baby. one. *

jasondtp 20.05.08 - 10:50pm
well im back in da booth wid my gold tooth look da girls says i cute y r u smiling r u fkin mute punk look at my suit it better that what u wearing *

agryjtem 17.08.08 - 08:39pm
Yo thnk ya spitng but ya cheatng, u sound crzy u punkass /im AGRY JT a real Gee, if u're trynwit me betaya grndmothers pus*y , i kno u tryn floss but u can't toss, to me its poss its beta u doss than av a loss, thse're big words from da BOSS JT..,, *

r3al_0g 18.08.08 - 02:53pm
This fool talkin bout chop shop, this eagle wil turn yo muth*fukn head ina drop top, u cant top that, its da return of da OG da eagle king, bodies drop wen this eagle sing, ina falsetto girl nigaz scream as bullets rip dey skin, shoti got yo head spinnin wen u standin stil like these custom rims, ur small fries like shrimps, ima weal wit teeth on yo skin feedin on yo flesh, like a limo i got ur brain on da floor stretched.. This niga cnt c hes like a window wit blinds, ima shadow wit a chainsaw risin crime, to kil this girl i dnt even needa alot a rhyms.. Coz this mac got him drumpin like he got hydrolics, while u twich on da floor i giv u a couple moe, watch yo head open like suicide doors,.. Its OG! Get out da shop niga u wack! *

scriptz 18.08.08 - 06:28pm
I spil ink acidentaly bt it dsnt make sense .i gt cash in my pockets bt il b givin u cents .al u nigaz think ur best .gues ur worst of wack .i nt lougin cos ur cursed.im laghin cus ur txt stys r stabed ..lol .if u wana puf up ur chest den inbox me girlez *

scriptz 18.08.08 - 07:19pm
Im back doin dis again ma rs .whos wack 2 stop da don s*cker .Ramp doin it again guess whos in cr*p ?u nigazposin up da picture with up wack styles ? *

agryjtem 19.08.08 - 06:01pm
Yeah let me put ma finga on tha trigga so dat u muv in mega u nlggaz/u sukas can'twit me, i c*m frm LSK towniz of zambez(zambia) , i jus wana put da game lik weez. Cuz evry body knows dat i can rap lik NAS, so don'twit miz until u realiz dat i ain't bow weez, Geez...g.e.t. .u.p. .h.o.m.i.e!! *

jasondtp 21.08.08 - 11:58am
once again dis is da chop shop n not da shop so al u fake rappers plz leave i told ya im da BOSS my lines will get u lost come on if u die ill pay 4 ya horse ok i got a house u guys can meet n do wat u feel luk aint dat neat but look out 4 hrdcore he's gay she dont like it deep oh so sorry got go now party was great bt u av 2 go bye bye *

x4.z.1x 23.08.08 - 09:05am
Round ov applauz to y'all...x x al u homiz knw hw ta du iz spit texts whn truly u'r lameass rejects who reflect on thts got no effect ...u rym lyk ur brainz got sum defect...inject ma venemuz rap in ur skin then it rymz wif hw mch ur head z gona spin...blahblah i win 4get it n go sin hotta than u eva seen on d scene...shut yo muth* a ur a fake dnt mata hw mch u make 4rm ur n n n dum.girl herez a 9mm tht u cn drum with n gum ,u b*m ...haha x kidz tryna be grown whn ur al home alone cos ur mom's gettn me blown!...al i c iz bad trash dnt say nuffn x jst view n pass we rap facts nt diss sum dumb lowr class...we askd fa rap nt sum piece ov bad cr*p x x x *wild n owt* *

jasondtp 9.10.08 - 03:06am
it time 2 set back no get back/2 6 months me gone wid ladies/oh my look at my babies/AK 9mm Ozzies/i said i'll burn building down/y u look lyk a clown/yall fakeass rappers need 2 back down/let me walk around wid da crown/dis is no cris brown/but i ll show u how 2 get blood/ladies time 2 get money/b back 2 rap/so dont do dat *

jasondtp 25.05.10 - 01:16am
yeah its fresh its 2010 u gotta know whos ur friends cause when i come it wil al end u wil hear wat i say jasondtp is bAcK *

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