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Subject: ready 2 ride
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proverb7 27.04.11 - 03:22am
im ready 2 ride
who got the weed?
im ready 2 fly
front on me?
get ready 2 die
im ever so high
like eagles
so mama will cry
eagle aftermath
yr funeral and a maarch past
the aim is 2 b worldwide
im that lass
who been through the tash
burned 2 ash
n now im back
on a full attack
like world war3
for vengence
u get it
for starring at me funny
tipsy of that jin rummy
lyrically at the gym
u just food...yummy
none of those b***hes could gun me
so many fakes and frauds im stunned g
actting like they above me
all i no is u just being noisy
call me jason
i got da machetti
u got me???? @ IRONRHYMZ *

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