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Subject: Fire it up
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irnrhymz 16.03.11 - 09:46pm
its the new kid who chews kids splits wigs and eat geeks 4 breakfast imjust lyrically off da chain more destructive than a japanese tsunami u got me? opponents get shaken like haiti tell me who can break me? im new and and already king u shaky i shake homies who wana take me out war i never wait it out homie i'll lay u out 4 thinking u could rake me take the bait n ill poker dot yr face with my ak ... u'll hate but yr life i will take cuz im accurate with my ak mod suppressor! moth**f****r im yr oppresser u fail 2 agknowledge but u will after i put yr knowledge all over the WALL! *

irnrhymz 19.03.11 - 12:27am
these kids been asleep thats y i feast on these weaklings if i cant get u i go at yr seeblings i got sick dealing im a freezer...chilling when im done with yr career u gonna need support and charity like haiti cuzi always end with finish him.....Fatality a lyrical master i mean it a literal father u guys r sons 2 me its like their flow so weak ...thats what happens when u spend yr while day in detention can u feel this tention? im on a rise like an ascention! *

proverb7 19.03.11 - 05:15pm
aye yo iron rhymz u spity a bunch a malecows and toilet food..i got no glocks but can still get u shot...stop fronting...u ill b hunting drama aint nothing a japanese tsunami my bombs r atomic better stop it mics i 4ever roc it like boats on a lake i cant stop till u break stop with the hate im bringiong u down like twin towers! yr flows unstable like gas prices ..im nicest theres no way u can compare wit my likeness bet u wear a nike dress tell me who won when u lay on the ground lifeless!

irnrhymz 19.03.11 - 05:56pm
u a b***h stop calling me out! u just a wana b proverse which will never happen..oops his jaws drop lol like skool ive done my homework none of yr lame lines gonwork cuz 2 da streets u a nun loosing 2 an angryitem i light up items when i fall i always ressurect like the after math of falling twin towers all me a clark kent...i got super powers! plus these troopers of hours will make yr period come 29 days early that s**t u spit cant even hold me like haiti after the earthquake i come back richer its a fact that every1 falls but only winners rise off or get stalked up and wakee up with chrome pipe in yr mouth.... b***h!!!!! *

1star 22.03.11 - 05:33pm
U mek songz 4 d clubs wer a niga z drnkin/i mek dem 4 d ryd hom.wer a niga z tinkin/or 4 d bedrumz.wer a niga z slipin. *

proverb7 23.03.11 - 12:16am
fk u.....i will iron rhymz.....i 'll spit ryhmz till yr iroon melts it u aint even iron ill melt u plastic rhymz i spit diamond rhymz i spit rhymz harder than that white line u sniff u no who u beefing with keep talking s**t and ill come there and leave u missing teeth! *

proverb7 23.03.11 - 12:20am
And a star i am like a hotel.....5stars go back b***h and stiffle in space fking alien ..u from mars? ill leave u wit lyrical scars so go home e.t. try 2 hit me ? i dont sleep g beating u is like breathing....EZ u hungry? these punch lines taste like a clip g theres no way u or plastic rhymz could ever beat me!!!!!!! *

irnrhymz 23.03.11 - 12:29am
stop pretending b***h u wouldnt even have that name if it wasnt 4 proverse and i spit proverses u think its all cool till u b like wyclef in haiti and get shot! my goons buy guns some kill 4 fun...real talk we dont need 2 crip walk u'll see blood...stop bet when its time ull call the cops u could never b a hustler u will b caught u cant flow...im yr bloodclot shut up or ill find u...make u eat a gunshot u a im a judge and the end of a sentence imm yr full stop squeeze brakes b4 i make u famous.......187 on news cops wont find clues b***h... u no who u talking 2? u said u got 5stars? u aint a celebrity and broke..in reality when u see me u will choke even 1star better than u ..he killed u in 1 line stop pretending 2 b sumting u not b4 me and the crew do like austrailians and commence the hunting b***h and the aftermath drama it AINT NOTHING......IT PART OF THE GAME! *

d.e.a.d 23.03.11 - 06:54am
swoon2.GIF errrr wats going on here? grrrr stop this conversation now please. *

irnrhymz 26.03.11 - 06:38pm
now proverb like the alias with the thread above me......dead..now u no i make rappers change up and b like the grave they wed! yr whole flow is phonny homie been waiting all week 4 a reply i guess u r it.......weak! *

agryjtem 23.04.11 - 11:49am
pro won...... its jtapocalypse *

epydemik 1.06.11 - 05:45pm
Proverse is shi.t!! irnrhymz aint bad i like that dude style lol. Let me see wat u got lets drop some isht up in here u down homeboy irnrhymz...diss for diss, lyrics any thing. Ready 2 Ride?? *

epydemik 1.06.11 - 05:52pm
I drop lyrics at wack critics like Agryjtem, simply just to aggrevate them then elevate em, and proverse?! His wack flows worst/he aint relevant, he have better chance at star DUMB by dancing with elephant/and yeah before i forgot, let i whip this f*g got with my four glock before he call cops/in ma lyrics I drop metal bars with wired lines, and dats wat theI call IRON RHYMES!!// *

epydemik 1.06.11 - 06:09pm
Never thought ma verse was so short, but i aint waiting on ur remark so i start, get ready cuz i'm about to drown this shark, have u ever seeing a knife this sharp?/let me show these lil mahfkaz how life is short, a kid can pull the trigger without a thought/bury the murder weapon and all trace is gone, u step on my shoe and that isht get resurrected like Jesus Christ do/and i guarantee the world will never hear from you/but then again it all depend, because I can murder half u emcees with only the pen/i've been away but Da Epydemik is back again, died and reincarnated ya'l better welcome a GEM/dropping heavy bars yep i've been to the gym, sickness i depict this/and all u writers are ma witness, protect this its our business before i start to whip this and leave u whiter than the band LIMP BIZKIT/i spit sickness and everyone can confess, i am best...best wack writer in this, so hush ur bird beak when i burn these emceez and watch em melt like hot cheese/jeez, look up and face it no need to condemn it, ya'll looking at Da mah in Epydemik!!//lol...whew. *

phlamex 2.12.12 - 03:09pm
Who is it that rapz cuz evrybody here blabz cr*pz ready 4 my magni2d of blast got detonatorz i posses a grenade real western made feed on u lik baitz babes o.k bevies ladies pay me i teach u concentrate or i whip u *

ndolyman 26.07.13 - 01:06pm
Am a soldier fu** ol pop notorius
datx y aint scared wit u weak rap worriors
i pull thic verse trigga to kill ur mood
suprise u open ur mouth then i spit u food
send u open letter get ready u fool
make u scream am better than u
challange ur brain and make u believe
do we live to eat or eat live

col me pEnCIl *

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