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Subject: Curtain Call
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weezycmb 24.10.10 - 09:37am
Just to add one more topic of fire. Enter at ya OWN RISK, no one pullin any punches! *

weezycmb 24.10.10 - 11:06am
Its not the ReTURN, I'm just Returning the Call outta RESPECT/ Light this Joint, let it BURN, thenits Curtain Call for this so-callet VET/ The STARring role, see me in the rolling CREDITS for DanMC VERSUS...(ELLIPSIS)/ the STAR in the only tournament ask NEMISI the d*mnED MC my VERSES ECLIPSED HIS/ by FAR but i stil give MERIT to those CORPSES IN HEARSES/ I ARE the CULPRIT responsible for all the red CROSSES AND NURSES/ for my SICK bars some one call the MEDIC, and call Magician Man Danmc for the CURSES/ cause CURSE IT, I always starred, but neva started the TOPICS/ so IT, heres my 1st now watch me Direct It/ I mean It, i have credentials so I INSIST/ POST BY POST, only TWO can claim to be the Battle Tournament FinaLIST/ Goin TOE-TO-TOE, only a FEW, done it against MURK, DAN & EPY, that battle was EPIC!/ BLOW-for-BLOW, NO AFTER NO most yall get scratched of the LIST// So don't mind if i do BRAG/ as one of the best that this Group has ever HAD/ on some founding father tip but please no DAD/now Holla back// on this Thread, Genre: REAL TRAGIC DISASTER, call it TWISTER MEETS ICEBERG/ only REAL PUNCH MONSTERS cast in this, call me MISTER SPIELBERG! *

danmc84 2.12.10 - 11:30am
Props to weezy. Lets get this board back to its best, check me *

danmc84 2.12.10 - 11:41am
Im back to rap kats, im rebuilding these bridges/ 500 foot up coz im above these midgets and you know im a pro when i come to rip these digits/ props to weezy, that was straight raw spitting, i can compare it to that nas alb*m 'it was written'/ and when i say im sick, i mean not right in the head/ when my punchlines collide with your chest they'll leave you like mike jackson..... dead// *

epydemik 9.12.10 - 08:55am
Look who's back from the sickness, Epy the sickest no need to depict this/slit fools the quickest, who want it with me?/Even Dan can see, I'll leave these outta breath like kids trying to swim saying their ABC/i'm so ill i spit syphillis! I dont spit lyrics, I chew on lyricist/Bullseye! But i dont know where my dart went, call me Superman, u folks are just CLARKE KENT!!// *

epydemik 9.12.10 - 09:26am
This aint no curtain call, its an emcee brawl in which Epy leave em bouncing from wall to wall/legs cripple as they fall, hands detached so they cant crawl/Epy lyrics so gruesome like the first 3 sequels of SAW, i have no equal in this sequel at all, leaving emceez in awe/epydemik the sickest of em all, these d*cks are a headache, no wonder PARIS-ATE-EM-ALL(paracetamol)// *

lilflip 12.01.11 - 09:36pm
look look. i got you in my sights, right in the crosshairs. clik is back with a sniper rifle from your nightmares./meet me on any street, slice you up like freddy. its friday the 13th on elm street are you ready./a sick mind in the middle of my cranium. went to the mental ward and beat you down with titanium./clik clax, clik clax. thats the change in my pocket. the chains on my neck have a silver lock, now lock it./ ed the hammer, dropped a representative. im the next Loughner, only representin./only presentin myself, bye bye now, ima pull the trigger. on this 9mm to kill myself go figure. *

epydemik 11.02.11 - 04:23am
This post need some juice!! Dudes where u at? *

epydemik 20.02.11 - 01:29pm
i got sic skillz when i took pills, pop a shot at bill and hit two kids/roll up in the parking lot, came out with more guns than em nighaz who shot Pac/no cops, all the talking stop,everyone defend NO HEART ATTACK/bad to the bone call me Al Capone/u wappers talk ill when i'm gone, now i'm next to u roaches/cuz EPY is sick to the bone like Osteoporosis!!/so much jealousy, cuz i infect and leave spots on the tracks like Leprosy!!!!/ *

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