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Subject: Somebody wants to Die(nkc2004)
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phelz 21.09.10 - 10:27am
Call me tall black rapper Nigeria flagger this s**t aint harder so u cant do me nadder u can read ma lyrics while i'm rockin with ur mama dnt be mad at him when he's ing with ur mama i'm learning to be ignortious so dnt ask questions i was R2R's finest b4 i spoke silent now i'm BACK on da block and this sighing u throwing punch at me now watch whos d hardest yes i do eat beef but right now i'm fasting u can tell this s**t goin b everlasting i'm evergreen everfresh everlasting aw culd u ever try to fight with steven seagal somebody talk b4 i shot dis desert eagle i'm a plane i'm a lion i'm an eagle i bet this s**t goin like a needle hate on ma style hate on ma words hate on ma vocal cords i love this s**t cuz therez no broken laws nd i'm d fresh boy first blood d F.L.Y boy i let d rest know dat i'm d BEaST BRO. *

nkc2004 22.09.10 - 08:36am
I aint gunna listen to this bulls**t! 1 on 1 lets go take it to the bull pit, but i dntwit fools n school kids/but this time il make a exception to maul u to bits wont reckonise ya reflection. I can see regret in ya eyes, id like ya 2 meet death and it comes 2 no suprise that your times up, because ya nursery rhymes s*ck, i know it hurts dnt cry be tough, a bit of surgery to ya lines a lil touch still no where near perfect because a style biter is known as vermin, and your rhymes neva improve u got disability too learning *

epydemik 24.09.10 - 04:57pm
Nice try dudes...but it would be better for us reading it if ya'll use markers to separate ur bars aite. Like a comma, slash/ or something. Peace blud *

danmc84 30.09.10 - 01:25pm
I agree wit epy. Alright verses from you both though, props *

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