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Subject: bite u all
Replies: 8 Views: 799

josam17 23.07.10 - 01:48pm
am rap invetor,aka fuel injetor dont battle if ur rhymes r fake coz ill bite u like a rattle snake *

epydemik 28.07.10 - 01:22pm
And the infamous words of Donald Duck would be...wack wack waaack!! *

krity 14.08.10 - 08:40am
Yo all fake,im the best,yo lyrical weak,get out ma face when i speak,its fire what i split,yo all gonna burn quick,especially u Jos,im not messiah,so i cant carry +,but in battle im boss,ya rhime so soft,just like sponge,i eat u al like egg chop,harvest u like crops,arrest u like cop,words com out nonstop,givin u shock,askin ya self wuz this man n where he from,im a wicked son,they call me shafftan,im proud im an African,so yo fakes dissappear be4 i turn, u too... *

josam17 31.08.10 - 12:57pm
boys here r so sissy,i dnt hate coz am 2busy am clean like gleamin white snow thats y ur mama peep thru ma door *

danmc84 7.09.10 - 11:31am
Josam, dude, You aint that nice bro. Keep practicing and come back in like....... 5 years!! *

nkc2004 13.09.10 - 09:27am
i need no practice its a fact its like your the ed junkie im the crack, il leave u isolated call me the riot bregade, because when im about your really quite i can see your afraid step up son my toungs so lyrical got the same consequences as a blade *

nkc2004 13.09.10 - 07:19pm
you couldnt touch my flow soon as i jump on the mic you get swept from ya toes your chest feels like its been hit with a tec to the nose, god knows why u cats acting hard through phone screens 1 on 1 lets see whos nose bleeds, talented emcees i cant find none been scavenging seas and not found 1 *

nkc2004 13.09.10 - 07:30pm
aint rhymed in years but im bk now, stronger than ever just like the blackbelt i rap well while ya cr*p smells il leave you distorted im the only 1 important could murder u get away with a only a caution *

epydemik 24.09.10 - 04:53pm
Ok ahem...I'm a a sick psychopath who spit gruesome and more, for a nickel i'llup NKC 2004/i'm hard core, his profile say he's COMING SOON, nikka quit u lost ur rating/challenging me and u getmore than a b***h ovulating/i got more men on ice than Hussain fridge, hold up wait,but i never heard of a GANGSTER RAPPER from CAMBRIDGE!!/step to me here, cuz u aint nothing but a pack of confectioneries dear/he rep the mean streets of UK, where the scottish wear skirts, English are straight but since 2004, NKC is Gay/dude ur best is doom, so shut theup before u get ur face stuck up like dainty ladies in the restroom!!!!/ *

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